Founded in 1999, Bailey Design & Advertising is a woman-owned and operated full service marketing communication and graphic design agency. We deliver a comprehensive set of offerings including brand strategy, design, advertising services, business marketing, and promotional products – across multiple platforms including print, online, interactive, digital and social media.

Our mission is to help our clients reach their marketing goals by using emerging new media marketing and traditional techniques.

We are focused on the sole purpose of helping your business grow through creativity, communications, and common sense approaches.

You can expect the highest level of integrity, skill, and service from our staff as we work together to help your business reach its marketing goals.

Brand Philosophy
Always putting your customer’s experience at the forefront

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s a challenge to be heard, seen, and remembered. In order to deliver messages more consistently and effectively, you must organize your marketing and communication efforts around a brand strategy.

A brand is a promise and an expectation waiting to be fulfilled. The brand promise is a statement of assurance and a perception of future excellence. The goal of this promise is to create strong customer relationships.

Every communication – from the most mundane to the most elaborate – is an opportunity to reinforce a central message about the character of your company and build your company’s distinctive personality in the mind of the public. Content and style are both essential for successful branding, however, we believe that first and foremost, branding requires consistency and focus. In order for a brand to create strong customer relationships and loyalty, consistency and focus in all brand planning, messaging, and deployment must occur.

Customer experience further defines a brand and therefore, the way each encounter makes a customer feel, is vital to the overall essence of the brand. We believe this is true whether the customer is on the phone, holding/reading a piece of collateral, browsing a website, or standing in front of you. Regardless of where or how the customer comes in contact with your organization, their experience plays an inherent part in creating your brand essence. It is vital that the ease of use, style, and the look and feel of every touch point is meticulously thought through, always putting the customer experience at the forefront.